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The #1 CFS Design Software 

Providing structural engineers and light steel framing contractors with a powerful tool to better design and detail light steel framing members and connectors for the last 20 years.

What Users Say About SteelSmart System

“SSS is my go-to software for designing light gage components.  I love how user friendly the software is and all the options available to the engineer.  I especially like the JS option for high load applications.  As a business owner, I have enjoyed our business relationship with The Steel Network.  Christy Andrews is awesome to work with and has consistently taken great care of us along w/ the engineering team to help with complex design issues.”


Amy Holland, PE

Vice President, Holland Engineering

“We use SteelSmart on a regular basis. The produce is user friendly and produces reliable results that are clear.”

Pierre Coiron, PE

Engineer, Stability Engineering

“SteelSmart System is my favorite light steel design program on the market. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that save me a lot of time. Additionally,  they are always updating it and adding functionality that makes my job easier. I’m definitely a customer for life!”

Jason Hacker, PE

Engineer, Buckeye Engineering

“Great Software for LG Design. Extremely useful in analysis & design of LG framing systems and preparation of shop drawings. We use it on a wide range of framing configurations. Its user friendly DXF export and report generation features allow us to quickly produce drawings that are accurately coordinated with the design report.”

Phillip C Bamu - PE

Engineer, PCB International, LLC

Complete Cold-Formed Steel Design Solution

Available as a complete suite, SteelSmart software will streamline light steel framing design and shop drawing production through the design and detailing of members, connections, and fasteners. The following design software modules are available:

  • SteelSmart System (SSS) Basic
  • SteelSmart System (SSS) SSS Advanced
  • SteelSmart Framer (SSF) Plugin for Revit

SteelSmart System – Basic License

With SteelSmart System Basic, you will be able to design with the following design modules, plus take advantage of the section properties calculator, clip selector, screw connection design, and CUFSM design modules.

Design non-axial-load-bearing walls

Design interior, exterior, post, or custom load bearing walls

Design TSN’s innovative StiffWall shearwall system

Design 8 standard or custom joist & beam layouts

Design 5 standard or custom roof layouts

Design 9 standard or custom roof truss layouts

Design interior half walls, strip window framing, & parapet framing

SteelSmart System – Advanced License

Includes all design modules included with SSS Basic (Curtain Wall, Loadbearing Wall, X-Brace Shear Wall, Floor Framing, Roof Framing, Roof Truss, and Moment-Resisting Short Wall), plus the Layout and Connection Details Generator & Lateral Load Generator/Distributor!

Layout & Connection Detail Generator

Simplify drawing creation by exporting CAD layouts and details for your design in DXF format

Lateral Load Generator & Distributor

Automatically generate lateral wind and seismic forces as well as snow loads and transfer them to the X-Brace Shear Wall Module