Applied Science International (ASI) continues to lead the cold-formed steel industry in design software.  SteelSmart System 8.0, developed exclusively for The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN), provides structural engineers with a structural design software tool engineered for optimal design and detailing of light steel framing studs, joists, shear walls, and connectors.

Hold on to your seats, and get ready for an amazing ride! Our biggest update ever has been released for SteelSmart System (SSS) 8.0, making the software you know and love better than ever!



Best cold-formed steel design software

SSS 8.0 clients are raving over the new GUI (graphical user interface)!

  • Modernized GUI modules that make the application components more organized and easily identified.
  • Full Screen GUI with window scaling and adaptive screen DPI switching.
  • Easier navigation through various modules and within single module states.
  • MS office-like application backstage screens to edit application wide settings from a single place separate from the technical GUI modules.
  • Organized and grouped input controls for each part of the problem under question.
  • Interactive parametric geometry editing capabilities.
  • Geometry editing facilities for common tasks (e.g., Apply single parameter to all Spans in the problem under question).
  • Enriched interactive 3D viewing capabilities for input model and output design results with selective display-units preference.
  • Application wide interactive unit system switching between Imperial and Metric units.
  • Enhanced document viewer used throughout the application modules with printing capabilities.


Going above and beyond

Beyond the new and improved GUI, SSS 8.0 is packed full of additional updates!

Technical Updates:
  • Enhanced Cold Formed Steel Design Modules.
  • Updated Section list for various section types.
  • Multi-Span Load Bearing Opening Design Templates were added to the application with accumulated vertical load calculations.
  • Enriched StiffWall® Module output in both application output and reports.
  • Fastener design capabilities are now included in Clip Designer Utility.
  • Enabled License Selection Feature to let user choose between available licenses from the GUI.
  • Ability to use existing SSS 7.8 license and migrate it into new SSS 8.0.
  • Updated Verification Manual with reviewed and enhanced samples covering all modules of the application with easy browsing.
  • Enhanced presentation of the Component Details Library with printing and saving capabilities. in the distribution of nonuniform roof/floor load on the supporting load-bearing studs.


Same modules, different look

SSS 8.0 might look a little different these days with its updated GUI, but your favorite cold-formed steel design software continues to offer the following design software modules to provide you with the most comprehensive steel framing design tool on the market.


Current SSS subscriber? Update today!

Users with current subscriptions can now log in/download/install the new updated version of SSS 8.0. Simply log in to your ASI Portal to update your software. 


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