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Example Steel Framing BIM Model for a Mid-Rise Hotel

Use the controls below to navigate through the 3-D cold formed steel model created using the SteelSmart® Framer Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®.  You can select individual steel studs, connections, and panels to view detailed information on each component.

This model includes the following light steel framing components from The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN):

  • SigmaStud® – Loadbearing steel stud, has a unique sigma profile giving it a higher strength to weight ratio that allows it to carry 40% more vertical load.
  • JamStud® – Window and door jam framing stud, has an additional return that increase its strength to weight ration helping it eliminate the need for built up jams and headers.
  • BridgeClip® – Bridging clip that can be installed with just one screw in many cases.
  • StiffClip® AL – Multi-purpose rigid connector that can be used to resist horizontal, vertical and lateral loads steel framing for walls, floors, roofs, and openings.