In our continuous efforts to refine and perfect the SteelSmart Software (SSS), we are excited to announce the latest update with build 151. This update is dedicated to improving the user experience by addressing specific bugs, ensuring our software remains at the forefront of structural design efficiency and reliability. While we strive to make each update impactful, this particular build focuses on enhancing the software’s precision and stability without introducing new features.

Focused Improvements

The modifications in build 151 are tailored to refine existing functionalities, ensuring that your design process is smoother and more reliable. Here’s a closer look at the key updates:

  1. Wind Zones Output Precision: We’ve addressed an issue in the Load Generator, specifically in the exported report, where the listed values for Wind zones were not accurately reflected. This fix ensures that the data you rely on for your structural analysis is precise and dependable.
  2. Corrected Screws Direction in AL Clip Connections: In response to feedback regarding the orientation of screws in connection outputs for AL clips used in Header/Sill, we have made necessary adjustments. This fix enhances the accuracy of the connection details, ensuring your designs adhere to the highest standards.
  3. Improved Load Distribution and Aspect Ratio in Shear Walls: Recognizing the critical role of shear walls in structural integrity, we have made fixes in load distribution and aspect ratio calculations within the Load Generator. These improvements aim to provide more accurate analysis, empowering you to design safer and more efficient structures.
  4. Enhanced Support for Double Clips in Walls: For designs utilizing the toe2toe layout, similar to those in floors, we have enabled the use of double clips in walls. This enhancement aligns with our commitment to provide versatile and robust design options for our users.

Our Commitment

At Applied Science International (ASI), we believe in transparency and continuous improvement. While the specifics of these bug fixes are highly technical, they represent our ongoing commitment to providing a software solution that meets the evolving needs of our users. We understand that the success of your projects relies on the tools at your disposal, and we are dedicated to ensuring that SteelSmart Software remains a reliable partner in your work.

Looking Forward

While build 151 focuses on refinements, we are always looking ahead to how we can further innovate and enhance the SteelSmart Software. We welcome feedback from our community of users, as it is invaluable in guiding our development process. Your insights help us to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to introduce new features that address your design challenges.

Stay Updated

To benefit from the improvements in build 151 and ensure your software is running optimally, we encourage all users to update their SteelSmart Software. For more detailed information on the update process and to access support, please visit our website at

We thank our users for their continued trust in ASI and the SteelSmart Software. Your engagement and feedback are what drive us forward. Together, we are shaping the future of structural design software.

About Applied Science International (ASI): ASI is at the forefront of developing innovative software solutions for structural design and analysis. With a focus on advancing the field through technology, ASI is committed to providing tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and creativity in the engineering community.

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