SteelSmart System 8.0, developed exclusively for The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN) by Applied Science International, offers designers a premium structural design software tool that streamlines the design and detailing of light steel framing studs, joists, shear walls, and connectors.

SSS 8.0 B104 is now available, with some great new improvements requested by users.

New updates in SSS 8.0 B104 –

  • More than 15 stories are now allowed in the Load Generator (up to 20 stories).
  • Wind load is now calculated by the Load Generator on roof overhangs in case of flat/monoslope roofs.
  • For user-defined wall studs, base support can be selected as roller allowing for either vertical deflection only or vertical deflection and drift.
  • Minimum span is now 6” instead of 1’.
  • Openings can be over 20’ wide (up to 36’ wide).
  • Box section options were added for framing of window sill.
  • Track members are allowed for Beam framing (one piece or two pieces back-to-back).
  • For Truss components, output of members and clips can be exported as an MS Excel Sheet.

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