Join us for the Lighter Better Faster Stronger Training Series!

WHEN: February 19-22, 2018 – Come for one or both sessions

WHERE: in Orlando, FL

PRESENTED BY: The Steel Network & Applied Science International

GET PDH HOURS: Certificate of completion provided for PDH self reporting with 12 hours for each session.

SESSION 1 (2/19-2/20): Performance Based Design for Progressive Collapse

Terrorist attacks at the AP Murrah Building and World Trade Center Towers, large seismic events, and other structural collapses have underlined the need to design structures to resist these extreme loading events. Over the years new design codes such as the UFC 4-023-03, GSA’s Progressive Collapse criteria, International Building Code (2009 IBC), ASCE/SEI 7-10, ACI 318-05, Eurocode, and others throughout the world have been updated to include provisions in design of structures to resist progressive collapse. However, many of these requirements were limited to federal and military buildings.

The current trend in new design codes such as ASCE Standard for Mitigation of Disproportionate Collapse Potential in Building and Other Structures is starting to require all public and private structures that meet a certain occupancy criteria to also be designed against progressive collapse broadening the number of structures that must meet this new requirement. This course aims to provide basic background for practicing structural engineers regarding Progressive Collapse requirements, available design methods and case studies using of Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) Software to implement the Alternate Path Method for a performance based approach to Progressive Collapse.

The first day is an overview of Progressive collapse, and the second day is a hands on workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to designing buildings for progressive collapse using Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) Software.


SESSION 2 (2/21-2/22): Light Steel Framing Design & Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Light Steel Framing (LSF) is steadily gaining ground as a preferred method of construction for exterior Curtain Wall framing and Mid-Rise structures. The purpose of this course is to better educate engineers, architects, and contractors on the specifics of designing with Cold Formed Steel Framing. Join us as we take a look at the latest developments in design, and how they could positively affect your profession.

During this 2 day session, experts in the LSF industry will speak on how to design and build with LSF more effectively. The benefits of LSF will be discussed as well as challenges, and how to address those specific challenges. Speakers will also discuss the role that BIM is playing in the advancement of the LSF industry, and how to properly use BIM to your advantage.

The course is split into two days, with the first day focusing on an overview of designing with LSF. The second day is a hands on design workshop that will give attendees the opportunity to use SteelSmart System and SteelSmart Framer to design LSF using BIM technology.