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In this constantly changing world, structures are becoming increasingly complex, cases of loading are more sophisticated, and threats such as blast and progressive collapse are more eminent.  Recognizing these challenges, Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) is focused on creating tools for structural engineers and architects that will better design, organize and analyze structures.  ASI produces develops and licenses several structural design and structural analysis software tools as well as offers structural engineering services that meet the exacting requirements of this changing world.

SteelSmart® Software: ASI’s SteelSmart product provides cold-formed steel construction professionals with powerful tools to aid in the design, estimation, and construction of steel-framed projects.  SteelSmart® System enables the user to optimize the framing products to be used during construction, thereby creating the potential for significant savings.

Extreme Loading® Software: ASI’s Extreme Loading products are the first line of software tools to implement the Applied Element Method (AEM) of analyzing structures.  While older analysis method’s such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) struggle with problems such as accurate meshing, automatic crack detection and automatic separation of elements AEM provides a simpler yet more advanced solution.  ASI has developed two tools, one for Structural Engineers and the other for Visual Effects Professionals.

ASI Consultation Services:  ASI relies on the experience of more than one hundred highly qualified engineers, scientists, and software developers armed with Extreme Loading Technology to provide its clients with advanced structural analysis and simulation consultation services. ASI can perform both linear and non-linear analysis of structures undergoing either natural or man-made extreme loading events. ASI’s clients are able to see and experience the results of their decisions quickly and efficiently during the process of designing new structures or rehabilitating existing ones.

ASI empowers clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East by providing the information needed to identify the effects of upgrades, retrofits and design enhancements on structural safety, economy and functionality under the effect of all expected cases of loading.

SteelSmart System Basic

Curtain Wall

Choose from a wide-variety of common curtain wall applications, such as bypass, infill, spandrel, parapet, and opening conditions. Complete the assembly with TSN's connections and Hilti's fasteners.

Load Bearing Wall

Optimize load bearing stud elements in low and mid-rise structures. Select fromStandard sections or the optimal SigmaStudsection.

X-Brace Shear Wall

Shear wall design is simplified with the power of SSS 7. Newly added special seismic design requirements provide clients with multiple design options.

Floor Framing

Choose from TSN'sPrimeJoistor Standard sections to quickly select a steel-framed floor system.

Roof Framing

Design roof rafters and joists quickly and easily with SteelSmartSystem's Roof Module.

Roof Truss

Select from a variety of common trusses, or create your own truss to design the members, connections, fasteners, and lateral bracing elements.

Moment Resisting Short Wall

Simplify and optimize the design and construction of a short wall or half wall in residential and commercial cold formed steel framing.

SteelSmart System Advanced

Lateral Load Generator/Distributor

The Lateral Load Generator/Distributor tool uses the dimensions and load specification for a building and calculates the total lateral wind and seismic loads according to ASCE 7 Standard “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures”.

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Layout & Details Generator

Plots framing layout of the wall and adds the connection design data (clip designation, number of fasteners, embedment, and screw pattern) to the typical connection detail. The drawing also includes framing members’ cross-sections and shapes. The drawing can be exported in AutoCAD;DXF format.

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Advanced Structural Analysis


Extreme Loading for Structures Software or ELS, is an advanced non-linear structural analysis software tool designed specifically for structural engineers. ELS allows structural engineers to study the 3D behavior of structures through both the continuum and discrete stages of loading.

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