SteelSmart Structural Design Software Suite for Light Steel Framing

The SteelSmart® Structural Design Suite provides construction professionals with the structural design software tools engineered for the fast and accurate design and detailing of light steel framing (LSF) studs and connectors. SteelSmart raises the bar for the design and analysis of cold formed steel (CFS) by seamlessly integrating the well-known analytic power of its predecessors with additional functionality and accessibility.

SSS 8.5

SteelSmart System

SteelSmart® System (SSS) provides structural engineers with a structural design software tool engineered for optimal design and detailing of light steel framing studs, joists, shear walls, knee walls, roof trusses, roof rafters, openings, and connectors.

SteelSmart Framer - Cold-formed Steel BIM Plugin for Revit

SteelSmart Framer

SteelSmart® Framer (SSF) provides designers with a powerful tool to better design, estimate, and communicate light steel framing on projects using Autodesk® Revit® Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.

SteelSmart Software Packages:

Available as a complete suite, SteelSmart software will streamline light steel framing design and shop drawing production through the design and detailing of members, connections, and fasteners. The following design software modules are available:

What’s New:

SteelSmart System 8.5 Now Available

SteelSmart System 8.5 Now Available

  Applied Science International (ASI) is happy to announce the release of SteelSmart System 8.5, a cold-formed steel framing design software developed exclusively for The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN).  This innovative steel stud design software provides structural...

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