SteelSmart® System 7
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The Lateral Load Generator/Distributor tool uses the dimensions and load specification for a building and calculates the total lateral wind and seismic loads according to ASCE 7 Standard “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures”. Plots framing layout of the wall and adds the connection design data (clip designation, # of fasteners, embedment, and screw pattern)  to the typical connection detail. The drawing also includes framing members’ cross-sections and shapes.  The drawing can be exported in AutoCAD® DXF format.

SSS 6.5 Main  

SSS Overview

SteelSmart System (SSS) provides construction professionals with an essential tool engineered for both fast an accurate design.  SSS 7 raises the bar for light steel framing analysis and design by seamlessly integrating the well-known analytic power of its predecessors with additional functionality and accessibility.

Available as a complete suite, SteelSmart System 7 will streamline production through the design and detailing of members, connections, and fasteners.  Available design modules include:  Curtain Wall, Load Bearing Wall, X-Brace Shear Wall, Floor Framing, Roof Framing, Roof Truss, and Moment-Resisting Short Wall.

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